About Us

Who's Hansym?


Look, triathlon is a grueling sport, it’s no walk in the park. It’s blood sweat and tears and we get that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. Here at HANSYM we like to add a little bit of spice into the drab, average triathlon gear, because we’re sick of boring endurance apparel, and why should you have to look like anything but the kickass athlete that you are?


Who said that men have to race in boring, conservative apparel in basic red, black and blue color palettes? Why don't men have options when it comes to design other than predictable racing stripes? Women now have endless options when it comes to beautifully designed apparel, but men seem to have been forgotten. 


HANSYM reflects the edgy style of men that want to look good from head to toe. Guys who are not scared to wear something bright, bold or avant-garde. You take triathlon seriously…but you don't have to take yourself too seriously. 


This is why HANSYM was created. To give guys the option of showing personality while still busting ass. Yeah, you look fast – and we’ll help you look legit!


At HANSYM we only create gear that we’re proud of and that we would be excited to wear. We make interesting gear that also doesn’t take away from our ability to get the job done come race day.


We strive to create athletic apparel that enhances your performance, not dulls it. So that on race day you don’t have to blend into a sea of monotonous basic gear and look like everybody else. We make gear that we love, and that we know you will too. 

HANSYM is the brainchild of the fashion forward, women's specific endurance company SOAS Racing.




So here it is – our mission is to bring the men of endurance sports a performance line that doesn't give up on style and design. With all you do in training and in life, you deserve to look great. We are dedicated to delivering product that does exactly that.


The HANSYM Racing Team