Product Care


We all know that participating in endurance sports can give your clothes a sweaty beating. Follow the instructions below to help give your products the longest life possible. 


    • Wash all Hansym garments in cold water (on delicate cycle) and either hang dry or tumble dry on low. We recommend hanging products to dry to help protect your gear and extend its life.

    • Always wash like garments together (color & texture) to insure original colors. Light and bright colors should be washed together and separate from darker colors. Turning like garments inside out when washing will also help. Be sure to zip up garments with zippers to help with abrasion from repetitive movement in the washer and dryer (if you choose to dry on low).

    • Never use bleach or fabric softener on sublimated garments. These products break down the technical properties found within our fabrics. If you have accidentally washed a garment with fabric softener just wash again without to help remove the fabric softener (which tends to leave a residue on fabric fibers).

    • Do not use too much detergent while washing as it can leave a residue and effect wicking properties.

    • Avoid washing Hansym garments with other cotton garments. Cotton can cause piling and also sticks to products with LYCRA® (which is found in almost all Hansym apparel).